Hotel Del Coronado Pool Day Pass

Is a pool pass at the Hotel Del Coronado worth it?

by Alicia Butler, June 4, 2023

hotel del coronado pool day pass
Alicia Butler

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A Hotel Del Coronado pool day pass is a cost-effective way to enjoy the weather on Coronado Island in San Diego.

Instead of paying for a hotel room at the Del (which starts at around $500 a night), only pay to use the pool during opening hours (10 a.m. to 7 p.m.). 

Discover how much a Hotel Del Coronado pool day pass costs, pool day pass alternatives, and if the pool is even worth the price of a pass.

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What is a pool day pass?

Day passes offer access to a hotel’s pool for just a few hours. 

If you’re enjoying a staycation or you’re on vacation but your hotel doesn’t have a pool, you can rent a chair at a hotel pool, usually starting around $20 a day. These passes are an easy way to budget your trip when you’re trying to balance splurging and saving.

It’s easier to reserve pool day passes during swing or off-peak seasons, as many hotels reserve pool chairs for guests during the busiest times of the year. 

You can either contact a hotel directly to see if they’ll sell you a day pass, or purchase a pass through a third-party retailer, like Resort Pass. 

If you’re enjoying a staycation or you’re on vacation but your hotel doesn’t have a pool, you can rent a chair at a hotel pool, usually starting around $20 a day.

How to Get a Pool Pass at the Hotel Del Coronado

There are two ways to enjoy the pool at the Hotel Del Coronado: getting free access by booking a room or paying for a Resort Pass.

Get a Resort Pass

The only way to get a pool pass at the Hotel Del Coronado is through Resort Pass, which is a website that sells day passes to pools all over the world. 

I’ve used Resort Pass at the Beverly Wilshire in Los Angeles (yes, the hotel featured in Pretty Woman!), though I didn’t use this service to get access to the Hotel Del Coronado (I didn’t need to, as I was staying at the hotel and was able to access the pool for free).

You may want to reserve your Resort Pass as soon as possible because spots can book up pretty quickly during peak seasons. Check the terms and conditions of your pass, as some allow you up to 24-to-48 hours to cancel and get a refund. 

Stay at the Hotel Del Coronado

If you’re staying at the Hotel Del Coronado, pool access is included, but beach access is not (unless you’re staying in one of the Beach Village suites). 

If you don’t want to pony up extra for the beach, the pool is the way to go.

My Hotel Del Coronado review in a nutshell? It isn’t necessarily “worth it” to stay at The Del if you’re only doing so for the pool. This hotel is pretty pricey, starting around $500 a night for outdated, older rooms. The good news is that you don’t need to stay at The Del if you just want to enjoy the common areas, as the Hotel Del Coronado lobby, restaurants, grounds, and bars are all open to the public.

Hotel Del Coronado Pool Day Pass Alternatives

Don’t want to spend a day at the hotel pool? These Hotel Del Coronado pool day pass alternatives will keep you cool as a cucumber in the hot San Diego sun. 

Hotel Del Coronado Cabana Rental/Beach Chair Rental

A Hotel Del Coronado pool day pass starts at about $70 per person! And a major downside is that you’ll only get access to the pool itself (and not the beach), which isn’t a “great” pool in my experience.

An alternative to a pool day pass is a Hotel Del Coronado cabana rental or beach chair rental. A beach chair rental starts at only $10 per person per day!

There are two types of beach chair rentals: one is for the full-service area, where you’ll get access to the beach all day long, table service, fresh water, suntan lotion, and bathroom access. The other is for a simple beach chair (and umbrella if you want to add that on) that doesn’t include access to the full-service area.

Beach loungers in the full-service area cost $50 per person per day; cabanas start at $150 per cabana per day. 

This is by far a much better deal than the pool pass. 

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Pool Day Passes in San Diego

If you’re not married to the idea of getting a pool pass at the Hotel Del Coronado, there are several other pool day passes in San Diego.

Pool passes at the Manchester Grand Hyatt San Diego start at only $20 a day. At the Omni San Diego Hotel, pool passes start at $55 a day, and passes at the Andaz San Diego start at $50 a day. 

None of these pools grant you access to the beach, but you can still enjoy stunning views of San Diego from a hotel rooftop. 

Hotel Del Coronado Pool – Know Before You Go

I’d recommend planning for your day at the Hotel Del Coronado pool because once you get to The Del, everything is kind of crazy expensive.

They provide complimentary sunscreen and fresh water for patrons, but you might want to bring a few of your own essentials. Because buying them on-property is crazy expensive.

Despite the high-end clientele here, the sunscreen isn’t the best. I stock up on Aveeno Sunscreen Stick with SPF 50 before I head to the pool.

I’d also recommend bringing some of your own snacks. The food at The Del is pretty good, but like everything else here it’s also overpriced. Sure, you can get a pizza at Enzo for around $25, but I’d recommend stopping at Avenue Subs first and grabbing a sandwich and some snacks. They have online ordering, which makes it a lot easier.

Of course, everyone who reads this site knows how much I love my single-serving shelled pistachios and Vermont meat sticks to keep the hanger at bay. 

I also load my iPad up with free magazines from my Kindle Unlimited subscription.

Other Things to Do at the Hotel Del Coronado for the Day

You don’t need to purchase a Hotel Del Coronado pool day pass or even a beach chair or beach cabana to enjoy the hotel grounds for the day.

In fact, a lot of San Diegans head to the Del just to hang out for the day. 

Just some of the activities available to both guests and the public include:

  • Restaurants and bars
  • Bike rentals
  • Boardwalk 
  • Lawn with live music
  • Historic tours


Restaurants and Bars. The Del is home to several restaurants and bars at varying price points. Enjoy breakfast at Sheerwater, a cocktail at Babcock & Story Bar, or a pizza at ENO Market and Pizzeria. There’s even a taco shack located adjacent to the beach.

Bike Rentals. Rent a beach cruiser or a MURF e-bike to explore the beach or ride along the boardwalk. 

Lawn Activities. Stretch out on the lawn and enjoy live music during the day, and snuggle up with your sweetie to watch movies under the stars. 

Historic Tours. Take a self-guided or guided tour of the Del grounds. All tours start at the Ice House Museum. The self-guided tour is only $7 and includes audio narration. Guided tours are scheduled on select days and include a historic tour as well as a ghost tour.