About the Book

Gratitude is always easiest after Big Events in our lives. So what happens when we’re exhausted, can’t do the things we love, or just feel stuck? What if we could be grateful for the Little Things as much as the Big Ones?

The Little Things is a journal with 26-weeks’ worth of prompts that invite you to deepen your gratitude practice. This daily 3-minute practice will help you fall in love with your life again — even during the dark days (especially during the dark days!).

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About the Author

Alicia Butler realized happiness is an inside job during what was supposed to be a ‘dream’ 3-month trip to Argentina. 

Instead of feeling curious, excited, and energized, she found herself depressed nearly the entire trip (even during a 2-night stay at a 5-star resort). 

After suffering from depression for years, she realized that happiness is a muscle that needs to be flexed and worked out.

Like the treadmill at the gym, The Little Things (a gratitude journal) is just a tool to help strengthen these happiness muscles.

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