accepting feedback

    Accepting Feedback: 5 Ways to Get Better at It

    Why do we suck so bad at accepting feedback? Find out how to be better at bettering your work.

    self-care and productivity

    Self-Care & Productivity

    Can the two go together or are self-care and productivity simply false friends?

    what is savoring

    Getting More Joy From Everyday Life

    How to use savoring to enjoy the little things and boost your mood in minutes.

    toxic positivity gaslighting

    Is Toxic Positivity Gaslighting?

    How to stop gaslighting yourself and start dealing with your feelings.

    What is good fun?

    “Good” isn’t placing moral value on actions; the human condition is all about feeling good, doing good, and learning how to sit with the not-so-good stuff, too. Oh, and it’s about having fun. A lot of it.


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    Deal With Your Shit
    Feel Good
    Fun Inspiration
    Find Your Own Fun

    Good Travel

    disneyland tips

    Disneyland Splurge Vs Save

    Hotel Del Coronado

    Hotel Del Coronado Review

    budget your trip splurge vs save

    Budgeting Your Trip: Splurge Vs Save

    Good Books

    This Time Tomorrow Emma Straub Book Review

    This Time Tomorrow, Emma Straub

    imposter syndrome kathy wang

    Imposter Syndrome, Kathy Wang

    (Not Only) Good Vibes

    dealing with loneliness

    Dealing With Loneliness: Is Loneliness an Epidemic?

    dealing with negative feelings

    Are Negative Feelings the Enemy? 6 Tips to Befriend All Feelings

    what is savoring

    What Is Savoring? How to Boost Your Mood in Minutes

    self-care and productivity

    Self-Care and Productivity: How to Use Self-Care to Crush Your Goals

    toxic positivity gaslighting

    Is Toxic Positivity Gaslighting? Dealing With Difficult Emotions


    Good Books


    self-care podcasts